VIDEO: PosiNumbers 2003

Just found this video of Mental and Dumptruck playing at PosiNumber2k3 thanks to Dobek Ohashi of CrucialxTimes' YouTube Channel. He also uploaded videos of Terror, Down to Nothing and With Honor. Make sure to check those out and head on over to CxT if you've got time to kill. Some solid reads and interesting photos are compiled on there.

REVIEW: Casting Curses - Dirt Road

I got my hands on a two-song digital promo that Panic Records released earlier today in anticipation of Casting Curses' new LP. In the wake of their acclaimed EP, Cold All Over Again, Casting Curses' have gone to work writing their follow-up record. The Dirt Road Single features the song Let's Ride which shows the band taking a more straight forward approach to songwriting, while still maintaining their usage of effects and sudden tempo changes. Cold All Over Again saw them playing a tune that some say was in the vein of 108 and Burn, and at times, their sound was even akin to bands like Hot Cross, but I get more of an early 2000's Louisville vibe with this new song, not unlike that of Black Cross but heavier. The second song is actually a cover. Sex Type Thing. I am actually a fan of STP, and I'd say this cover does the original some justice, if only lacking in the vocals department. It's interesting to hear Casting Curses put their spin on it, though. Overall, it's got me intrigued to see what they will put together for the LP. You can get the Dirt Road DEP through iTunes.

VIDEO: WuTang Clan - Drunk Tongue Promo

Hood morning. For those who have slept, the Wu-Tang Clan are back with a new album and they still ain't nothin' to fuck with. Legendary Weapons features 14 all new songs from the Killa Beez [minus GZA and Masta Killa], and plays host to a slew of other notable rappers including, but not limited to, AZ, Sean Price, M.O.P. and Roc Marciano. The album dropped on July 26th, 2011 via E1Music and is available on iTunes and at retailers worldwide.


REVIEW: Street Sweeper - Shoe City EP

Massachusetts has been a hot bed for hardcore for a long time, but not all the bands get picked up on or get on the annual touring circuit right away. Street Sweeper has been playing their brand of heavy hardcore since 2007, but they just recently had a 7" EP released through Shoe City Records. You can read more about the band from this interview done by Some Will Never Know Webzine. As for the record itself, it's pretty solid NY-styled hardcore with good breaks and some nods to late-80's crossover. At times, I felt like the recording sounded rushed. Some parts could have been tighter, but it's not going to ruin this record. I've never seen them, but they sound like they would have a good live show. It's a solid first release, but I want to hear what they can do when they take their time in the studio. I did like the intro, Neighborhood Stomp, and the A-side of this record more than the flipside, but the bass break toward the end of Ten of Truths: Excellent. @BadMoodMorgado of WrongSide/Dumptruck lent his hand for the record's artwork which I am a fan of, but I think they should've kept the letters used on this shirt. Overall, it's worth picking up if you need some new music for the gym.

VIDEO: Hail Saviours

This band is always a blast to see live. Louder than Hell, their amps roar as they shred to no end. I managed to catch the latter half of their set at Red7 after One Against Many finished their set at the Broken Neck this past Friday. I snapped a couple of photos in between banging my head, and I even got a quick video, too. [I am stoked on my new phone!]